Souq shops are the leading retail outlets in the Arab world. They offer discounts for watches, mobile phones, laptops, TVs and perfumes. It is the largest e-commerce site in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. Here is a short overview on shop items, discounts and deals currently available. Souq currently offers discounts on products such as watches, mobile phones, laptops and high end perfumes. This shopping mall has promotions which run all year round and coupons which encourage shoppers to try out new products.

Website overview

Website was launched over a decade ago. It initially served as an auction site but transformed into an online market place in 2011. is now the largest online retail in the Arab region. It features over 1 million individual products across 31 categories and currently has a work force of 5000 employees. It has been pegged as the Amazon of the Middle East. serves as a retail site and also as a marketplace for third party sellers. In 2015 it grossed as having 45 million visits per month. The company is very popular in the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. The main aim of Souq is to empower SME’s to reap the benefits of e-commerce a trend that has blown up in the Middle East in recent years through third party sellers.

Mobile phones, laptops and watches are some of the most demanded products on Souq. This is the main reason the company adopted e-commerce as its medium to reach most of the Arab speaking countries. The current best-selling product on the site is the IPhone 6s. The company has made a lot of sales since it was released.
How to save with promo codes and online offers on laptops, watches and perfumes.

Coupons and deals on Souq

Souq coupon codes offer maximum discounts on almost all available products .The promo codes allow customers to save a substantial amount of money without the risk of compromising on quality. The offers are always in great demand and do not last for long. Currently there are promo codes available for mobile phones, perfumes, laptops and eyewear. These online offers aim at generating traffic to the site and hence increase sales. Customers get 56% off on the trending mobile phones and 69% off on perfumes but the offer lasts for only one month. Each month the company puts up a new promos and its up to customers to rush and get the products before the offer expires.

To sum up
Souq has refined online shopping in the Arabian Gulf. The company, through its third party sellers who have brought new products into the market a fact that has been reinforced by the company’s continued growth in recent years. The sale of mobile phones, watches, laptops and perfumes has increased in the Arabian Gulf and with their online offers such as coupons or promo codes the number of this products is set to increase in the years to come.

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